Reselling MagicTools

Believable Magic invites all Predictive Index partners to become software resellers so that:

  • Your customers can get MagicTools – for PI efficiently and conveniently through your existing business arrangement
  • You earn revenue: a percentage of the published list price

How does my organization become a Reseller?

  • Submit a Software Reseller Application
  • Sign a reseller agreement sent by Believable Magic electronically
  • Believable Magic sends an account login invitation
  • Log in and access Affiliate Dashboard to obtain Referral Code and Referral Link 

How do Resellers transact a sale of MagicTools?

A Reseller whose client is ready to buy MagicTools can handle the sale transaction in a couple of different ways:

  • Client Pays Reseller
    • Reseller fills out an order form on behalf of the client contact using Referal Code or Referral Link, indicating pay by check
    • Believable Magic approves the order
    • Software download link and license key are delivered immediately via email to the client contact
    • Reseller bills the client directly using the normal invoicing process for the full list price
    • Client pays Reseller full list price
    • Reseller sends payment to Believable Magic via check/wire for the portion of the full price after retaining the reseller portion
  • Client Pays Believable Magic Online
    • Client purchases MagicTools online using a Referral Code or Referral Link and pays with a card
    • Software download link and license key are delivered immediately via email to the client contact
    • Believable Magic remits payment to Reseller via check/wire for the reseller portion of the

What is the timing of all this?

  • Reseller Agreement Signed – 1 business day after request
  • Reseller Gets Affiliate Access – 1 business day after Signed
  • Reseller Can Deliver MagicTools to Client – the same day as Access granted if the client pays online, or after 1 business day if the client pays Reseller
  • Reseller Pays Believable Magic or Believable Magic Pays Reseller – net 30 days after the end of the month in which payment is received from the client

Who supports resold customers?

  • Detailed online documentation is the primary form of support
  • Email support is available at within two U.S. business days   
  • Live support via phone or remote meeting will be provided by Believable Magic as needed for setup and bug analysis
  • Live support for general assistance using the tool is available on a time-and-materials contract basis