Updates to MagicTools – for PI

Getting the Lastest Version

When you purchased MagicTools, you were required to set up a user account on this website and then given a download link for the installer. You have the ability to re-download that installer and/or any new versions that are released during your one-year license period.

Here is how you can get the latest version of MagicTools – for PI:

  1. Log in to My Account > Downloads
  2. Locate MagicTools – for PI on the page
  3. Click the button in the Download column to put the latest installer on your local computer
  4. Follow the Installation instructions to reinstall the new version in place of the old one

Version History (2021-12-08)

  • New: Optionally use First Name and Last Name as part of the Sync person matching criteria.
  • New: Warn user when Sync input file is already in use.
  • Fix: Ability to set a fixed Person Type for all matched persons in a Sync operation. (2021-09-03)

  • New: Export People and Assessments result set now includes E-Sigma Scores for Self (now that PI has shown it to be scientifically valid) in addition to Synthesis. (2021-08-27)

  • New: Clean – When archiving person data, also anonymize it by replacing personal info with meaningless content
  • New: Clean and Sync – Show a warning message when running in Live mode, allowing the user to cancel
  • Usability: Improve the label text for the Clean and Export action options
  • Usability: Move the Setup tab from the first position to the last position to give it less focus
  • Usability: Move the Help link to the upper-right corner (2021-07-10)

  • Fix: Export – Export Persons and Assessment data – fixed some incorrect export column names
  • Fix: Settings – Improved License Key and API Key validation and error handling (2021-05-31)

  • Fix: Export – Export Persons and Assessment data – An error was occurring when a person had no assessment data
  • Usability: Export – Export Persons and Assessment data – Improve sequence and naming of export output columns to put all sigma scores toward the end (2021-05-22)

  • New: Export – Export Persons and Assessment data – optionally include Behavioral Self-Concept and Synthesis sigma scores
  • Usability: Config – Improve License Key validation and displayed results (2021-04-29)

  • New: Sync Tab – take an import file containing Person data to be updated and change PI Person data
  • New: Export – Export Persons with only the data needed for Sync process input
  • New: Export – Selection Criteria – add Filter by Folder Path
  • New: Remember which tab you used last and open to that same tab next time
  • Usability: Some visual re-arranging (2021-04-08)

  • New: Export – Export Person and Assessment Data to a text file
  • New: Link to Open Output Location in a file explorer
  • Usability: Settings display and validation (2020-12-19)

  • Initial release
  • Clean – Remove expired Behavioral Assessments
  • Clean – Keep only the oldest Behavioral Assessments
  • License Key validation
  • PI API Key testing
  • Newer Version lookup and notification