Integration Consulting and
Data Management Software
for customers of
The Predictive Index™



Carey Morgan is your expert guide for API integration with The Predictive Index™ talent optimization platform:

  • Needs Analysis – can you get where you want to go?
  • Solution Architect – exactly how? 
  • Developer Advisor – need help building it?

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MagicTools™ – for PI – stand-alone data management tool for keeping your Predictive Index™ data:

  • Clean – free of expired or duplicate data
  • Current – in sync with your best data sources
  • Connectable – ready to connect with other software

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“Carey is by far the best expert in software integration I’ve worked with.”

“…simply amazing to work with and allowed me to provide a solid solution for my customer.”

“… a tireless client advocate … loved by clients for solving problems efficiently with a great attitude.”

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