Predictive Index Integration Consulting

No one knows The Predictive Index™ Application Programming Interface (API) better or has more experience integrating PI with other systems than Carey Morgan, the former PI headquarters Senior Technical Advisor for Integrations.

Whatever systems you wish to connect, whoever you’re working with to provide or build your solution, if you hope to reach your goals, you need access to an expert guide for using PI’s API to integrate.

Let’s get your systems working together!

Q: How can Carey help me integrate PI with other software? 

A: There are at least 6 ways:
Integration Goal Analysis

Before you decide upon an integration strategy, spend 30 minutes discussing:

  • What are your goals for integrating?
  • Which types of solutions are available? What is possible?
  • How long would your project take and what might it cost?
  • Should you build or buy?
  • Where would a PI integration subject matter expert fit in your project team?

Cost: 30-minute intro is FREE

Integration Architecture Planning

Successful integrations between PI and other software systems begin with well-informed plans:

  • Which PI features match the other system’s integration points?
  • Which PI data do you need to use in other places?
  • What is the most cost-efficient way to build and support your integration goals?
  • Does your plan contribute to clean PI data?

Cost: Consulting Time – Usually 2 to 4 hours of consulting time

Integration Developer Advising

When it is time for your chosen team or third-party integration provider to build or configure your integration, who will…

  • Guide your integration builders in using PI Application Programming Interface (API) features correctly?
  • Answer developer questions about PI quickly?
  • Help troubleshoot unexpected outcomes?

Cost: Consulting Time – Usually 5 to 15 hours depending on complexity of your goals

PI Data Cleanup

Get help cleaning up your PI data clutter resulting from past administrative practices or inefficient integration logic…

  • Employees hired but still appear to be Candidates in PI 
  • Many PI assessments for the same real person creating confusion
  • Many expired assessments clogging your search results
  • One-time clean-up service
  • Learn to keep your data clean over time

Cost: MagicTools 90-Day or 1-Year License + Clean-up Consulting Time of 2 to 6 hours

Zapier or Integration Guidance

Use a “no code / low code” integration platform such as Zapier or to integrate PI with your workflow and other applications…

  • Send a PI assessment invitation triggered by actions in other applications
  • Receive PI assessment completion notifications in real-time and deliver results to other apps 
  • Transfer PI data into other applications

Cost: Consulting Time – Usually 2 to 5 hours depending on complexity

PI Slack App Kickstart

Let the creator of the PI Slack App help you…

  • Install and configure it into your Slack workspace
  • Help you clean your Employee data and learn keep it that way
  • Get co-worker PI insights just a “/pi” command away in Slack

Cost: Consulting Time, optional MagicTools License

Okay, I’m ready to discuss my integration needs!

Q: How can I make better use of my PI data — on my own?

A: Admins and Power Users manage PI data with “MagicTools™ – for PI” software
  • Clean – remove unwanted, expired, and duplicate PI assessment and person data
  • Export – pull together your PI data for analysis, or collect data to be updated/corrected 
  • Sync – modify your PI data using input from external systems or from a previous export
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