Support for Magic Tools – for PI


  1. Download the installer – when you purchased MagicTools, you were shown a download link. Follow that link and download the MagicToolsforPISetup.exe
  2. Your browser may alert you to the fact that you are downloading an executable program that can make changes to your system. This is normal because you are about to install a program which is a change, though a change you want! You may need to click on options such as “Keep” or “Allow” before your browser will complete the download.
  3. Run the installer – locate the MagicToolsforPISetup.exe file in the location you downloaded it and activate it (click or double-click)
  4. You might see an Error pop up if you have certain antivirus programs running (Avast is known to pop up a “ShellExecuteEx failed” message which is a false alarm). Usually this error goes away after 10 seconds and the installer begins to run.
  5. You may see security warnings from Windows or Windows Defender letting you know the software is from an unknown source. This is currently true because we haven’t yet signed our installer. So this is normal.


MagicTools License Key

You will need a MagicTools License Key in order to use the MagicTools software.

They look like this: 1A3B-C3D5-3E5F-4A6B

You should have received one when you purchased the software.

Copy and paste your License Key into the Setup tab where it says MagicTools License Key and click Validate. This will make a call to the site to verify that your License Key is currently valid. The outcome will be displayed below the License Key along with the expiration date.

  • If your License Key is not valid, you will need to purchase a new one.
  • If for some reason the site is unavailable to validate your License Key, MagicTools will still work for you, assuming your Internet connection is working.

Predictive Index API Key

You will need a Predictive Index API Key in order to read any of your PI data or make any changes to it.

They look like this: 20078DE4-562E-4CEC-B3C9-B314E15438DA

You can obtain one by following these instructions in the PI Knowledgebase: How to Generate an API Key

Keep in mind that you can only do with MagicTools as much as the PI user who owns the API Key is authorized to do:

  • If the API Key belongs to an Account Admin user, MagicTools actions will affect all person and assessment data in your PI instance.
  • If the API Key belongs to a Read-Only user who has access to only some of the person and assessment data, MagicTools will only be able to read that limited set of person and assessment data.

General Function

Internet Required

MagicTools does all of its work over the Internet, so if you don’t have an Internet connection, you’re out of luck until you are reconnected.

…more help is coming…