Setup Tab Configuration

How to configure MagicTools – for PI using the Setup tab

Every time the MagicTools – for PI software is launched, it checks whether the Setup tab contains all the things needed to run. If it finds anything missing, the Setup tab will display first.

After you’ve provided everything in the Setup tab, the next time you start MagicTools it will display the Clean or whatever tab you were using last time.

MagicTools License Key

You will need to obtain a MagicTools™ License Key and store it in the provided setting box in order to use the MagicTools software. Your organization only needs one currently active License Key and it may be used by any authorized users to manage your organization’s PI data. (see End User License Agreement)

License Keys look like this: 1A3B-C3D5-3E5F-4A6B 

You should have received a License Key in the order confirmation email sent to you by Believable Magic after you paid for a software license. 

If your organization purchased a software license but can’t find your License Key:

  1. The registered owner of the License Key must visit the My Account page and log in. You can recover your password if you forgot it (or you never knew you had a password).
  2. Click on Orders or recent orders
  3. Find your most recent order for MagicTools – for PI and click View
  4. Your License Key will be displayed to you

Copy and paste your License Key into the Setup tab where it says MagicTools™ License Key and click Validate. This will make a call to the site to verify that your License Key is currently active. The outcome will be displayed below the License Key along with the expiration date.

  • If your License Key has expired, your organization will need to purchase a new License Key or work through your license administrator to extend the expiration date of your existing License Key. MagicTools will not function with an expired License Key.
  • If for some reason the site is unavailable to check whether your License Key is active, MagicTools will still work for you — assuming the problem is with the License checking process and not with your Internet connection.

Predictive Index Settings


You will need to obtain a Predictive Index API Key and put it into the provided setting box in order to use MagicTools to read any of your PI data and/or make any changes to it.

API Keys look like this: 20078DE4-562E-4CEC-B3C9-B314E15438DA

You can obtain one by following these steps:

  1. Activate API Access to PI – Contact Predictive Index Support and ask them “Please ensure that API Access is turned on for our PI Account”. If your account does not have API Access turned on, any API Key you generate will not work.
  2. Choose or Create a PI User to Own the API Key – Keep in mind that you can only do with MagicTools as much as the PI user who owns the API Key is authorized to do. When deciding which User should own the API Key you’ll use with MagicTools, consider the following:
    1. It may be best to use your own User account to generate your API Key if you want all actions you take with MagicTools to be attributed to you. You won’t be able to tell the difference between actions you take while logged in directly to PI and those taken through MagicTools.
    2. It may be best to create a new User that you intend to use only with MagicTools so that you can tell the difference between actions you take while signed into the PI software directly and those taken via the PI API and MagicTools. For example, you might use “MagicTools” as the last name or Job Title for the user.
    3. If the API Key belongs to an Account Owner or Account Admin user, MagicTools will have access to read and change all person and assessment data in your PI instance.
    4. If the API Key belongs to a Power User, User, or Read-Only user who has access to only some of the person and assessment data, MagicTools will only be able to read or modify the permission-controlled set of person and assessment data available to that user.
  3. Generate an API Key for that User – Follow the instructions in the following PI Support site to generate your own API Key from within the PI Software’s Administration > User Management area: How to Generate an API Key
Using Cognitive Assessments

If your organization is using the PI Cognitive Assessment, be sure this box is checked. When checked, MagicTools will try to respect any Cognitive Assessment data when deciding whether Person data can be archived as part of the Clean processes.

If your organization is not using the PI Cognitive Assessment, be sure to un-check this box. Doing so will simplify the logic used by MagicTools and shorten the amount of time it takes to perform Clean tasks.

Processing Output Location

Select a folder into which you want MagicTools to place output files generated by any process you might run. For example, you might choose a sub-folder within your Documents or your Downloads folder.

In the case of Clean and Sync actions, log files containing all the proposed actions or actual actions are stored in this folder.

In the case of Export actions, your exported files will be placed into this folder.

Open Output Location – this link will open your selected Output Location in a system file explorer window so you can easily find the files you have generated during processing.

User Settings Location

This display-only information tells you where MagicTools is storing the settings you enter or select. These settings are stored in a file named “user.config”.

  • If you remove or modify the user.config file, it will affect the saved settings of MagicTools.
  • If you damage this file or it becomes unusable, you can safely delete it.
  • If you delete your user.config file, you will simply have to repeat the Setup steps to store your License Key and API Key. MagicTools will create a new user.config file if one doesn’t already exist.

Open Settings Location – this link will open the folder containing your user.config file in a system file explorer window in case you wish to view, edit, or remove your saved settings for some reason.