Get a Predictive Index Sandbox Account

Organizations with a subscription to The Predictive Index platform are typically able to request access at no extra charge to a separate Sandbox account for use in learning and testing PI functionality. Sandbox accounts are frequently requested by customers who are using the API to create some kind of integration with PI.

Note: The Predictive Index only responds to Sandbox requests originating from customers themselves, not from third-parties working on behalf of a customer. The steps below should be followed by the customer contact with authority to submit support requests to PI.

To obtain access to a Sandbox account…

  1. Send an email to PI Customer Integration Support:
    Your request should include content like this:
Hello PI Integrations Team,

I am an authorized account manager for the following PI account:
XYZ Company
Please grant me administrative control of a Sandbox account for XYZ Company, naming (or if one exists, renaming) it:
XYZ Company Sandbox

We will be using this to develop and test an API integration with System ABC, so please activate API Access for this Sandbox account.

Please ensure that the Sandbox account has all the same assessment types and features activated as our Production account so that we can fully test.

Please create an Account Owner user:
First Name: XYZ Sandbox
Last Name: Talent Team

Please provide me with the password for this user since we are assigning an email address without an inbox which will make it impossible to use password recovery via email.
  1. Log in to PI as the user at:
  2. Go to the Administration > User Management view
  3. Find your user in the list and click on it
  4. Select a default folder into which assessments/persons created by this user will be placed (unless a different folder is specified at the time an action is taken)
  5. Generate an API Key and copy/paste it somewhere safe
  6. Save your settings
  7. Securely share the API Key with the person(s) who will be developing your API integration.

Remember: API Keys grant complete access to the data and features available to the user with whom it is associated.

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