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You love Predictive Index™ (PI) and you’ve been using it a while. But as an administrator or power user, there are things you’d like to do with your data beyond what the application itself makes possible.

MagicTools™ connects directly to your data (via the PI API) to carry out work that would take you a long time to perform manually, and some things you just can’t do any other way.

Available Actions:
  • Archive Expired BAs – Clean out selected expired PI Behavioral Assessment™ data — typically the result of sending invitations for assessments that are never completed — and optionally remove (archive) the persons who only had expired assessments.
  • Keep Oldest BA – Find multiple people with a single email address, keep their oldest PI Behavioral Assessment, remove (archive) any others, and optionally remove any persons who are left without any assessment data. The need for this clean-up arises when people are invited to take assessments without first checking for an existing one, a common result of using some PI invitation features and some types of integration or automation that don’t check for existing data before inviting people to take an assessment.
  • Export People and Assessment Data – Export all persons and their primary assessment data to a text file (comma-separated values) that can be read using a spreadsheet or can serve as input to another process, system, or report.
    Export Reports: Export selected PI reports for selected persons as PDFs, stored in a local folder structure. Exporting certain reports describing your employees and then importing them to another productivity tool could put the power of PI to work without requiring people to separately log into PI.
    Import and Update Employee Data: Are many of your employees still shown as candidates with personal email addresses in your PI data? Using an input file containing your current employee data, update your PI data with the employee person type, a work email address, an updated external ID, and/or a new folder location. Organizing your employee assessment data makes it easier for your whole team to use PI effectively to optimize talent and teamwork.
Technical & Security:
  • Windows App: MagicTools is a Windows application that typically runs locally on a laptop or desktop computer (or possibly in a Windows virtual environment on another operating system).
  • 100% Local: All data processed by MagicTools is directly accessed via the Predictive Index API over the Internet from your computer, storing no data on any other system anywhere on the Internet.
  • Test Mode: Actions that modify data can be run first in Test Mode so you can preview any intended changes before they are made in Live Mode.
  • API Key: The use of MagicTools requires a Predictive Index API Key which is generated within the PI administrative user interface.
  • API Access: Ask the PI support team to turn on API Access for your organization if this will be your first API Key.
  • PI User Permissions: The access permissions of the PI user that owns the API Key controls what PI data is accessible by MagicTools and what actions may be performed using that API Key. For example, if the API Key belongs to an Account Admin user, MagicTools will be able to read all data and can make any changes to PI data.
  • No External Storage: MagicTools makes calls to to verify the license key and to obtain information about any product updates. No other data beyond the license key is transferred from MagicTools to
  • Prerequisites: MagicTools requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher. Windows 10 version 1511 and higher include a compatible version of .NET.
  • Using MagicTools requires the purchase of a License Key which you can obtain on this page.
  • Users of MagicTools accept the MagicTools End User License Agreement, including the following note-worthy terms:
    • One license key can be used for any number of users within the organization that paid for the license.
    • Licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • License prices include applicable taxes.

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