LinkedIn Recommendations from Carey’s profile

Mercedes Peralta, PMP

Team Lead, Project Managers Group at Traction on Demand | April 22, 2020 | Carey was a client of Mercedes’

I had the pleasure to work with Carey in a Salesforce Community Implementation we did recently for The Predictive Index; he was very accountable, responsive and a joy to work with. He was able to quickly gain knowledge in Salesforce and took the lead in managing the User Acceptance Plan and Execution for The Predictive Index Team. Definitely a great asset for any company who hires him. I’ll be looking forward to a new opportunity to cross paths with him.

Daniel Muzquiz

President & Chairman at The Predictive Index | April 10, 2020 | Daniel was senior to Carey but didn’t manage directly

Carey is by far the best expert in software integration I’ve worked with. He takes complex systems and issues and makes the integrations look effortless. Carey would be a phenomenal addition to your team. Carey’s smile and positive energy gets stakeholders wanting to solve hard problems. It’s no surprise that he forms genuine relationships with everyone he meets. Carey is not only capable of handling complex tech integrations, but he also manages PI’s largest clients integrations and technical relationships. During his time at PI, Carey worked on various projects that helped the company approach integrations strategically. Thank you, Carey, for all that you’ve done to help us achieve our goals.

Amanda Cripps

Senior Product Manager at The Predictive Index | April 8, 2020 | Carey worked with Amanda in the same group

Carey made an impression on me from nearly my first day at The Predictive Index – he made an engaging presentation to our entire organization about how integrations work, the value they bring to the business, and how folks in any and every department can help elevate our success by keeping them in mind. Making integrations feel exciting and meaningful to people across disciplines is certainly no easy feat–but he had folks talking about this in the halls for weeks! Beyond his technical and communication skills, Carey is forever an advocate for doing right by the end-user who skillfully navigates a heavy plate of priorities and shifting business needs without ever losing sight of the real reason we come to work every day. He is a gift! 

Mark Bodmer

Associate Workday Integration Consultant at INTECROWD LLC | April 8, 2020 | Mark worked with Carey but at different companies

I worked with Carey to implement a challenging integration with my client and Predictive Index. It wasn’t done in the usual manner and I needed a lot of guidance that wasn’t documented. Carey was simply amazing to work with and allowed me to provide a solid solution for my customer. Whenever I had a need, he responded not only quickly, but with solutions that were direct to my situation. Any organization would be fortunate to have a person that is able to mix technical skills along with excellent customer service skills. See less

Mike Kelly

Engineering Manager at Panorama Education | April 6, 2020 | Mike worked with Carey in different groups

I had the pleasure of working with Carey for many years at Jenzabar. I was a lead architect for the company’s student information system and he was a client-facing consultant. He was a tireless client advocate, always bringing great ideas back to the development team to help us improve the product. I also know that he was loved by clients for solving problems efficiently with a great attitude. On top of that, you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy to work with. When we had a company conference in Texas, he went out of his way to plan BBQ and baseball outings, really bringing the team together. And wherever the conference was each year, he’d arrange a client engineer dinner meet up with internal engineers. To this day, we stay in touch, because that’s the kind of person Carey is; someone that forges and maintains deep relationships with co-workers.

Jonathon Wyza

Development Team Lead at ExakTime | April 6, 2020 | Carey worked with Jonathon in the same group

Carey is one of those kinds of people who you cannot help but connect with. He is always looking at any given problem, or project from every angle trying to see all the possible pitfalls, or solutions that could be applied. He has a warm and positive personality that makes him a great person to work with. His communication skills are top notch as well, always finding the right way to convey complex topics in understandable ways.

He will excel wherever he goes.

Travis Hervey

Software Engineer at The Predictive Index | April 6, 2020 | Travis worked with Carey in different groups

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Carey at two different companies over the last 4 years and before that often benefited from the knowledge he shared within the professional community we were both a part of. Carey excels at clearly communicating and documenting technical topics. When working with clients he strives to not just capture the needs that are being communicated on the surface but also sees below the surface to the internals of a problem and actively works to make sure those complexities are accounted for. He has that very valuable combination of skills that enables him to just as effortlessly interface with people as he does technology.

I have often seen Carey go the extra mile for his clients and coworkers, from organizing special sessions at conferences for people to network and connect at to implementing a website for community led documentation for a software platform that was in dire need of additional documentation.

Beyond his technical abilities, Carey is also a top notch person. He always has a warm and friendly disposition that puts you at ease, I’ve always enjoyed talking with Carey whether that is sharing technical knowledge with each other or details about our lives with each other. Carey is a valuable addition to whatever team he is a part of! 

Michael Olender

Business Applications Architect at The Predictive Index | April 6, 2020 | Michael worked with Carey in different groups

I had the pleasure of working with Carey at The Predictive Index where he was an invaluable resource for me on technical integrations. Carey has a knack for taking complex topics and making them very easy to understand for his audience; whether that is 1 individual or many people. In the past couple of months I’ve leaned heavily on Carey to help me understand how to best structure our internal systems to optimize our Single Sign-On for users. With very limited knowledge of the subject, the first person I turned to was Carey and he was able to teach me the key concepts within the span of a couple of short meetings. With his technical knowledge and desire to help others understand how complex solutions work, Carey would be a valuable addition to any team! 

Thad Peterson

Senior Director of Marketing at The Predictive Index | April 4, 2020 | Thad worked with Carey in different groups

Carey is one of those people who is always positive and focused on how we can help contribute to others’ work. He is smart, well-spoken, and he thinks about the big picture. My interactions with Carey were always productive and always fun. He’s a tremendous person. 

Alexandre Hamelin, LL. B.

June 17, 2019, Alexandre worked with Carey but at different companies

Carey is simply brilliant: business savvy and highly technical, it’s the perfect business partner and ideal client.

Understanding of the complexities of building and prioritizing road maps for software, balancing business opportunities and immediate production needs, he is able to coordinate efforts of different teams having different goals, always aiming for win-win solutions.

Carey is transparent and truly wants everyone to succeed, which sets the stage for mutual trust and genuine collaboration. That doesn’t mean he’ll say “yes” to everything. When me or my team have made mistakes, he would make impacts on his world and his expectations quite clear. He couldn’t care less about who’s to blame: he wants solutions and progress, and he is willing to help, every time.

Carey is a model tech/business/support/partner manager! I’d recommend him in a heartbeat for positions where personal relationships, technical complexity and business imperatives all need perfect alignement.

Jerrod Guddat

November 12, 2012, Jerrod was a client of Carey’s

I have been very impressed with Carey’s attention to technical details, interest in getting the project right, and ability to communicate effectively with all stake holders. The ability to take care of all of the IT nuances while effectively communicating with all of the players on any given project is a skill that Carey has mastered. 

Michael Hearon, MBA, DMin, PhD

Senior Business Consultant at Jenzabar | March 7, 2010 |Carey worked with Michael in the same group

In addition to being an extremely gifted programmer, Carey is also quite pleasant to work with. He is a team player and always goes well above and beyond the call of duty to help both clients and co-workers.

Marya Chuong

March 4, 2010, Carey was senior to Marya but didn’t manage directly

I had the pleasure of working with Carey at Point Loma Nazarene University for several years. Carey is a talented System Analyst, always looking for ways to use technology to make processes more efficient. I’ve always thought of him as being “bilingual” because he can communicate technical aspects in a way that is understandable to a non-technical person. I also appreciated that Carey was always more than willing to teach me some of his knowledge so that I would have more tools to perform my job.