Predictive Index Data Cleanup Service

Believable Magic can bring order to your PI data as a one-time service!

Download: one-page PI Data Cleanup Service info sheet

Meeting Your Data Goals

Clean Data

Over time, PI data can become cluttered with expired assessments and duplicate data, frustrating your efforts to find what you need.

PI2 migration also brings with it an urgent need to get your employee data correct and remove any unwanted data. Read our analysis of your PI2 Upgrade Preparation Options: prepare your data manually, use MagicTools – for PI yourself, or use this PI Data Cleanup Service.

We will remove expired and duplicated assessments, leaving behind only people who have useful assessment data. We can ignore a collection of people whose duplicate or expired assessments you wish to keep.

Current Data

  • Have you hired people that still appear in PI as candidates with personal email addresses?
  • Do you need to preserve employee assessment data before anonymizing old candidate data?
  • Have you made changes in your organization and need your PI folder structure and data to match?
  • Do you need to correctly link people in PI data with those in your HRIS/HCM system?
  • Desire to use PI org structure features without creating duplicate people?

We work with you to fix your PI data to match your current employee info, remove unwanted person data, and organize using your HRIS/HCM data. In the end, all your PI persons who are employees are correctly identified and updated, and we’ve done sensible things with all the rest of the people.

Connectable Data

Do you need to correlate and analyze your PI assessment data with other organization data?

Once your data is clean and current, we can pull all your Behavioral and Cognitive Assessment data out of PI so you can combine it with other data for reporting and analysis.

How it Works

  1. We meet to establish your data goals and deliverables.
  2. You securely share with Believable Magic a PI API Key and the employee data to be updated in PI.
  3. Believable Magic performs cleanup of obviously unwanted data (old, expired Behavioral Assessments, duplicate Behavioral Assessments for the same person, and persons without any assessments) and then a “test” run to correct your employee data in PI.
  4. You review the results of the “test” run and provide feedback. We clarify as needed.
  5. Believable Magic performs the “live” updates to correct your employee data and provides you one full Export of your Persons and their primary Assessments in a CSV file.


Cost of the service is based on the size of your company using the same headcount used for your PI subscription.*

If you wish to repeat the process within 18 months after your Initial Service, refer to the Follow-up Service column.

Employee Headcount Initial Service Cost (USD) Follow-up Service Cost (USD)
1 – 50 $ 750 $ 250
51 – 100 $1,500 $ 500
101 – 500 $2,500 $ 750
501 – 5000 $3,500 $1,000
5000+ $5,000 $1,250

* Prices above assume all work to be performed remotely during off-hours from Believable Magic computers without customer participation. If your requirements are more restrictive (e.g. all work must be performed remotely using a customer-provided computer, during business hours, or with direct customer participation), additional charges will apply.

Getting Started

If your PI Consultant is a Believable Magic Reseller:

  • Tell your consultant you want this service
  • We deliver the service ASAP
  • Your consultant will invoice you

If you work directly with Believable Magic: