Employee Data Used for Cleanup Service

These instructions are intended for PI customers preparing to improve your PI data by correcting all the current employees found there with updated information, either by using MagicTools for PI yourself or as part of our PI Data Cleanup Service.

You should export employee data as a “flat, delimited text file” or “comma-separated values” (CSV) file. The delimiter can be a comma, a semi-colon, a tab character, or a pipe (“|”) character.

Employee Data Fields to Export

There are several employee data fields you should include, if available, in the data you export from your human resources system when preparing to update PI data.

Always include these fields, if available:
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Preferred First Name – if different from First Name – this may help identify a PI person who didn’t use their legal name for the assessment
  • Previous First Name – if different from First Name – if an employee has changed their first name
  • Previous Last Name – if an employee has changed their last name since they may have taken a PI assessment
  • Work Email – the email you wish to store in PI for employees — may or may not already be present in PI for all employees
  • Personal Email – this is useful to identify an employee by the address used when they were a candidate taking an assessment
  • Employee ID – this should be the unique, unchanging identifier of some kind assigned to each employee, possibly from your HRIS system; including this opens the door to using the PI Org Data Upload feature without creating duplicate data for existing persons
  • ATS Candidate ID – if you at some point used an integration with PI that placed a person identifier from your Applicant Tracking System, this can help correctly identify a former candidate 
  • Employment Status – is this a current employee or former employee? If they are on leave of absence, decide whether PI should treat them as current or former.
  • Hire Date – not stored in PI, but it can be useful when an employee matches more than one PI person and you wish to choose the right one by comparing the hire date to the assessment date
Optional but useful under some circumstances:
  • Country/Division/Region/Department/Team – useful if you will be organizing employees using PI Folders that correspond to org structures like these
  • Job/Position Title – only useful if you have defined PI Jobs for most of your employee position titles and wish to assign employees to one

What about Former Employees?

Former employees may be useful to export, too, if you wish to identify former employees distinctly in your PI data. Export the same columns for Former Employees as you would for Employees with the exception of the Optional fields above.

Once matched/identified, you can decide what to do with them: update their person type to “Former Employee” and keep them, or archive them. MagicTools for PI and the PI Data Cleanup Service support both options.

What about Past Candidates?

Previous candidate data exported from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may also be used to update PI data using MagicTools Sync, but there are admittedly fewer motives for doing this since everyone in your PI data that is not an employee is probably a current or former candidate. Export the same fields as for an employee with the exception of fields a candidate wouldn’t have (Employee ID, Employee Status, Hire Date, Employee Email).