Become a Reseller

Believable Magic invites all Predictive Index network partners to become software and services resellers for these benefits:

  • Fast: Your customers can get MagicTools™ – for PI or PI Data Cleanup Service as soon as they commit, even before paying
  • Easy: Your customers can pay later through your existing business arrangement or immediately with a card online (jump to details)
  • Revenue: Resellers get a percentage of the published list prices regardless of how the customer pays:

How does my organization become a Reseller?

  • Submit a Reseller Application.
  • Believable Magic sends you an agreement via email within 1 day
  • Review and sign the Reseller Agreement electronically
  • Believable Magic sends you an Affiliate user login account invitation within 1 day
  • Log in and access Affiliate Dashboard to obtain:
    • Referral Code
    • Referral Link
    • Product and Service info sheets

Does it cost anything to be a Reseller?

No, there is no fee associated with becoming or remaining a Reseller.

How do Resellers transact a sale of MagicTools?

A Reseller whose client is ready to buy MagicTools can handle the sale transaction in a couple of different ways. Read the detailed instructions which are summarized here:

Client Pays Reseller Later

  • Reseller fills out an order form on behalf of the client contact using Referral Code or Referral Link, indicating payment by check
  • Believable Magic approves the order within 1 business day
  • Software download link and license key are delivered immediately via email to the registered client contact
  • Reseller bills the client directly using the normal invoicing process for the full list price
  • Client pays Reseller full list price
  • Reseller keeps the agreed-upon reseller portion and sends the remainder in a payment to Believable Magic via check/wire within 30 days

Client Pays Believable Magic Online

  • Reseller provides client with a Referral Code or Referral Link
  • Client purchases MagicTools online using the Referral Code or Referral Link and pays with a card
  • Software download link and license key are delivered immediately via email to the registered contact
  • Believable Magic remits payment to Reseller via check/wire for the reseller portion of the full list price within 30 days

Is there a License Agreement involved with a sale?

When MagicTools – for PI is installed by the customer, the user must accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to continuing the installation process. This acceptance of the EULA during installation is the only required legal agreement.

However, some Resellers and their clients are more comfortable with a agreement document they can review, sign, store, and track in addition to the agreement action required by the installer program. Resellers can optionally download a form-fillable PDF version of the EULA from the Affiliate Dashboard > Affiliate Tools > Creatives section of this website (access to which requires a reseller login) and have the client sign it before the Reseller orders their license. Such signed agreements should be sent to Believable Magic.

Who supports resold customers?

Believable Magic supports resold customers. Resellers are not required to provide any end-user support to their clients who license MagicTools. Resellers are, however, invited to learn MagicTools to recognize the types of needs it can meet and to guide clients in how to meet them.

Clients may obtain support directly from Believable Magic including:

  • Self-service learning using detailed online documentation is the primary form of support.
  • Free email support is available via within two U.S. business days.
  • Free live setup and bug support is provided at no cost by Believable Magic via phone or remote meeting.
  • Paid live training for any other type of assistance is available on a time-and-materials contract basis from Believable Magic.

Can Resellers use MagicTools?

Yes! Any Reseller may request and will receive a 1-year MagicTools license key at no cost. A Reseller’s no-cost license will be extended by 1 year for each client license they sell.

Resellers may use MagicTools to manage their own PI data according to the End User License Agreement (EULA). Free Reseller licenses may not be used for managing data belonging to clients or other organizations.

Can PI Partners use MagicTools to access customer data?

Yes, a PI Partner with customer permission and an API Key giving them access to a customer’s PI data (a hypothetical arrangement that is outside Believable Magic’s scope of knowledge or control) may use MagicTools with that customer data, if that customer is separately licensed for MagicTools. In an arrangement like this, the PI Partner would be functioning as an authorized user under the customer’s MagicTools end-user license agreement.

Note: MagicTools includes support for multiple Profiles that can include different License Keys and API Keys for various PI instance/accounts to which a user has access (this feature arrived with MagicTools version 1.4). 

What relationship exists between Believable Magic and PI Corporate?

Believable Magic is a trusted third-party vendor to which the Predictive Index corporate team occasionally refers clients who need help integrating PI with other systems. A positive working relationship exists between the two companies. Believable Magic is part of the broad PI network of partners and vendors and is included in the network newsletters, communications, webinars, etc. Neither party resells the other’s software. Believable Magic and PI Corporate have not entered into any financial arrangement regarding MagicTools software.