Step 1: Introductory Call (Free)

Let’s talk! You share what you have on your mind, and we talk about the possibilities. By the end of this conversation, you should have a clear idea of whether we can work together on your goals.

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Step 2: Arrange Relationship

Agree upon a rate of payment for services:

  • Hourly – pay for the hours required to complete your project
  • Retainer – monthly rate for a fixed number of hours, with rollover

Step 3: Project Kick-off

In a 60- to 90-minute meeting, establish a detailed understanding of project objectives and success criteria, explore known alternatives, identify further research required, make decisions on what is known, and record action items and assignments.

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Step 4: Implementation

Here is where the magic occurs! Each project will be handled as it requires, but in all cases you can expect regular updates during brief stand-up meetings, clear communication, documented solutions, and responsive collaboration. We will get it done together!

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