Data That MagicTools Can Change

What PI data items can be changed by MagicTools – for PI?

MagicTools – for PI can read, export, and change data within your organization’s PI instance. This article explains which data can be changed.

Data Archived

The PI software platform uses an “archive” model in which data is marked as hidden and becomes irrelevant to end users. There is no action that will lead to the actual permanent deletion of a person or assessment.

PII Anonymization Note: At the time person data is archived in PI, any personally identifying information (PII) present remains within the archived data. Since this would not be acceptable under current privacy laws, the PI platform offers an Anonymization feature that will remove all PII before archiving that data. MagicTools also performs anonymization of PII whenever it archives person data.

Assessments – Yes

MagicTools will archive Assessments as part of the following actions:

  • Clean – Expired Behavioral Assessments
  • Clean – Multiple BA’s for Persons with same email – keep only the oldest

Persons – Yes

MagicTools will archive and anonymize Person data as part of the Clean actions mentioned above but only when this additional setting is selected:

  • Anonymize and archive Persons who have no remaining BA’s

And the following is not checked and applicable to that organization and person:

  • But not Persons who still have a Cognitive Assessment

Data Changed

Assessments – No

MagicTools cannot modify any PI Assessment data at all. It can Archive entire Assessments, but cannot change their individual data elements after they have been created and/or completed.

Persons – Yes

MagicTools can modify the following PI Person data as part of the Sync process:

  • First Name – cannot be blank
  • Middle Name – cannot be changed to blank if a value exists — changed to a period (“.”) if the new value should be blank
  • Last Name – cannot be blank
  • Email Address – cannot be blank
  • Job Name – optional – cannot be changed to blank if a value exists
  • Person Type – Candidate, Employee, Former Employee, Other, Unknown
  • Folder Path – Location in the folder hierarchy (which also influences access permissions by PI users)
  • External Person ID – an optional field containing an identifier taken from some external system and associated with a single PI Person