Do I need MagicTools – for PI?

Determine whether the condition of your data or the goals of your organization are a good match for MagicTools – for PI

Your organization can benefit from MagicTools – for PI if any of the following 16 situations apply to you:

PI Data is not clean

  • Expired assessments – some PI persons have only expired assessment invitations
  • Duplicate persons – the same email address belongs to more than one PI person
  • Duplicate assessments – a person has more than one completed Behavioral Assessment
  • Invite by Link – you are using the Invite by Link feature which leads to duplication whenever a person goes through your process more than once

PI Data is not current

  • Wrong Person Type – Some employees are still identified as persons of type Candidate or Unknown, or former employees are still identified as persons of type Employee
  • Wrong Email – Employees have Candidate email addresses instead of employee email addresses
  • Domain Change – Employees have email addresses belonging to the old domain name used by your company, but due to a merger or domain name change you need to update them all at one time
  • Folder Changes – People are organized into PI Folders that no longer match your needs for organization or permission management
  • Job Mess – People are assigned to PI Jobs that are no longer accurate or useful to you
  • New Job Targets – You have started using the PI Job Target feature but many of your current employees have not been assigned to their correct PI Job
  • Too Much Manual Work – You wish to make updates to many persons in your PI data at one time rather than manually editing one item at a time

PI data is not connectable

  • Employees have an External Person ID belonging to your current or past Applicant Tracking / Recruiting system and you wish to replace it with one from your Human Capital / Human Resources software instead
  • You wish to upload Organizational Structure data into PI, but many of your Employees in PI do not have a correct Employee ID (External Person ID) which interferes with a successful upload
  • People have the wrong email address so that it doesn’t match what is in an external system that relies on email match (such as the PI Slack App)

PI data needed elsewhere

  • You wish to analyze patterns in your PI data using an external tool
  • PI data download feature doesn’t give you all of the fields you want